Why Berkeley

Our Workplace Culture

As employees of Berkeley, we are part of an institution that uncovers new knowledge, conducts groundbreaking research and shifts the global conversation every single day.

We all do different things. (Very different things.)

But together, we are serving a university that's unlike any other. No matter our role, we help Berkeley redefine what's possible.

We do this by being inclusive - of ideas, of people, of points of view.

By being accountable - to each other, to our teams, to our commitments.

By simplifying whenever possible. (It's often how the best solutions arise.) By taking risks. (And learning from them.) And by serving Berkeley, and everyone who is a part of it, with respect.

Individually, we are experts at what we do. Collectively, our impact is even greater.

As employees of Berkeley, when we reimagine the possibilities of our own world, we shape the one around us.

For more information regarding our operating principles, visit our HR website.

Reimagine your world at Berkeley.

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Celebrating Our Staff

At Berkeley, we celebrate our staff throughout the year, with numerous recognition programs and a week dedicated to staff appreciation:

Staff Resources

Berkeley is a unique and multifaceted environment, and you'll find many resources available to enhance your working life here, including:


UC Berkeley is in the San Francisco Bay Area — one of the most dynamic places to live in the world. Living here gives you easy access to some of the most beautiful nature areas in the country, including:

You'll be able to choose from a wide array of non-stop arts and cultural events, including:

Our campus is a garden spot — beautifully landscaped and lush, located in the exciting small city of Berkeley. Read by a babbling brook under a willow tree or visit bustling shopping areas, beautiful art galleries, and museums. Mix it up with the students on Sproul Plaza. Life is never boring in Berkeley!

Campus Life and Events

There's always something going on — lunchtime poetry readings and concerts, dance performances, workshops, lectures — you'll never lack for something to stimulate your imagination, refresh your spirit, or challenge your intellect.

Visit our Campus Events Calendar or sample specific campus offerings:

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