Michael Thompson

Starting Position:

Clerk / Typist

Current Position:

Administrative Officer 3

Length of time on Campus:

16 years

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting their career at UC Berkeley?

My advice would be to take responsibility for your career and strive to become an expert in your field, just as the faculty are experts in their fields. When I started my career, I only expected to work a couple of years to gain experience and then move on. However, over time I realized how much opportunity and support was here if I chose to take advantage of it.

I would also encourage a new person to get involved with the community and develop a network so your voice can be heard, and use that voice to try to influence the organization towards a higher level of excellence on all fronts.

What has been the most exciting project you've worked on here? What was the scope and audience it reached?

The most exciting project I have worked on was the Equity and Inclusion Shared Service Center project. It was a great honor to provide input on the design of a campus unit that would serve the administrative needs of a Vice Chancellor's unit. I had an opportunity to use my experience to help create a place that I would want to work in.

What project/work (piece of technology) are you most looking forward to working on next?

I am looking forward to working with Human Resources on the CalTime project. I have worked on Payroll for various years, and I have a pretty good understanding of time reporting within this environment. I hope to provide my best effort in designing a system that will meet the current and future needs of the campus.